Stone Means Value

Experts are trying to merge this meaning with the stone industry .The goal is to revive the stone in all stages of production and use . In other words, stone monitoring from mines to buildings.

Annually, more than millions of meters of stone are transported from the country’s mines to stone factories. However, according to field research, this amount can be doubled in Iran . On the other hand, millions of square meters of slabs are produced annually in the world, which can be increased up to three times. Hundreds of thousands of square meters of stone in buildings are replaced every year because they have lost their color, polish and quality . Millions of square meters of stone in buildings around the world are being destroyed without proper protection and maintenance, and all this means wasting billions of rials of national capital.

Based on this, the specialists have used internal knowledge and expertise and in cooperation with an experienced foreign expert to consult, prepare and provide new services. A variety of materials, methods and techniques of extraction, transportation, sub, polishing, processing, maintenance, repair, care and optimization are among the items in which Iranian experts can be considered pioneering and unique. In this way, with long steps, experts and industry members with the support of stone producers and consumers, we will witness a great change in the process and economic growth of the stone industry.

Methods for maintenance of this value are :

Stone washing

Granite and marble stones used in the facade of the building need to be washed periodically and diluted cleaners. To prevent permanent turbidity of the surface of the facade stones, the facade surface should be washed at least once a year. Washing limestone may cause dandruff and stains or rot after drying. Therefore, it is very important to control the amount of water consumed. Sandstones are usually cleaned with mechanical tools and chemicals. Coarse materials such as sand to clean the surface of building stones in the case of soft stones cause irreparable damage.

Maintenance of stone

One of the common methods that is widely used today is the nano method. Coatings such as nanomaterials are usually sprayed on stone surfaces according to instructions and experience. Polymer coatings are also used to strengthen rotten stones. These materials should not be sprayed on rotten surfaces. These coatings penetrate to a depth of 30 mm inside the stone and cause polymerization and strength of the inner layers without changing the appearance of the stone. These materials are usually used to repair small decorative stone pieces that are in immediate danger.


When storing stones in the workshop, they should be categorized according to the type and thickness and leaned on each other vertically or diagonally so that their surfaces are not directly exposed to rainwater and air, and frost can form on them and hit them.

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