What is Antique Stone?

Antique stone is another type of building stone that is the result of placing and gluing small stones together. Designers need a stone for interior decoration that, in addition to beauty, has various designs, high quality, durability and reasonable price. That is why antique stones are good choices for them. Now we will talk about what is antique stone and what are its benefits

Antique stone is composed of broken and crushed pieces of travertine and marble and creates different designs by combining and gluing mortar resins. These stones are usually made of natural travertine and Malone stones, which are used naturally without changing color and with hand art. These types of stones are generally found in the market in two categories: natural and artificial. Natural antique, as mentioned, is made of travertine. But artificial antique stone has a special material and color and is produced from plast cement.

Features and benefits of antique stone

This stone has various features and advantages that make it a popular building stone. Antique stone is resistant to environmental changes, frost, pressure, erosion and fire. This stone weighs less than other natural stones, so it is easier to carry than other building stones. The porosity that exists in antique stones makes it possible for this stone to adhere to the mortar, and for this reason, it can be easily installed on any type of wall. Other advantages of this stone include the following:

  • Heat resistance
  • Suitable for use for outdoor fireplace
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Suitable insulation for sound; Temperature and fire
  • Easy and fast installation
  • High flexibility compared to other stones

Disadvantages of antique stone

This special and beautiful stone, in addition to its many advantages, also has a few disadvantages, which we examine in order to better identify its uses.

  • Possibility of accumulation of insects between stone blocks
  • Not used as a roof covering
  • Not used in arched and curved spaces
  • irreparable
  • Rough and unpainted

Application of antique stones

Today, the use of stone to design the interior decoration of buildings is very common. This stone is also used in the exterior, between kitchen cabinets, behind the TV, on the fireplace, wall covering, stairs and bedrooms and commercial places. It is also used in clean and hygienic spaces such as hospitals, court services, school environments and health homes. Adhesives and mortars in this product do not necessarily have to be painted, and this painting depends on the customer’s choice and taste. Be sure to be careful when placing this type of stone in the building. Because there should be no distance between it. If the corner has pleats, it must be taken.

Types of antique stones by material

Antique stones are divided into different categories based on their material, and each of them has different shapes and uses.

Antique travertine stone

It can be said that most antique stones are made of travertine. These stones are more resistant than granite and quartzite and can be easily cut and sanded. Antique travertine stones have a special beauty and make the interior and exterior of the building look beautiful. This special and attractive stone is widely used in decorative gardens and open kitchens.

Granite antique stones

Granite is a very strong stone and has a unique beauty. The polished type of granite is very beautiful and can pass color and light well. Granite is processed in various ways such as hammering, polishing and axing. It would be nice to use a combination of these types of granites with each other.

Antique sandstones

Antique sandstone is another type of antique. Sands that are bonded together by calcium carbonate form the limestone type of antique sandstones, and if the sands are joined together by silica, they will form the siliceous type.

Malone antique stones

The Malone rock is roughly shaped like a rectangular cube. This stone takes a regular shape after extraction by hammering and shaving. One side of the Malone rock is perfectly flat and has a minimum width and height of 20 and 15 cm. Antique stone obtained from the placement of Malone stone fragments can be used in landscaping, as landscaping stones and stairs. This stone has a special charm and beauty and can help you make your building more beautiful.

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