The Beauty of Onyx Stone

There are different building stones for use in different parts of the building. One of these stones is onyx, which is also known by the scientific name of alabaster. onyx is one of the most expensive types of building stones due to its ability to pass light, which has made it known as one of the main options in building interior decoration. In this article, we are going to talk about the types of onyx and their uses.

What is onyx?

onyx is a type of limestone that has a relatively high density. This stone is formed by the deposition of calcium carbonate in limestone cavities, which are rich in bicarbonate. This stone has a special beauty with its beautiful color and design, it has become a widely used stone. Commercially, onyx is known as the brother of onyx in the markets, and due to the similarity of the name, these two stones are often confused with each other.

Due to the presence of iron deposits in onyx, you can see wide ranges of yellow and orange colors in this stone. Of course, onyx has different colors, which has led to the creation of different types of onyx. The interesting point in this context is that the way onyx is formed is completely similar to travertine. The difference between them is that travertines have a porous texture, but onyx is very smooth, non-porous and dense.

Characteristics of different types of onyx

onyx has special characteristics and advantages. For this reason, this stone is widely used in building construction in different sectors. Among the advantages and features of this building stone, the following can be mentioned.

  • High density
  • Lack of porosity
  • Smooth and polished surface
  • High adaptability
  • Low water absorption
  • Ability to pass light through itself
  • Non absorption of heat and cold

Having these features, onyx is a special and vulnerable stone in addition to its extraordinary beauty. Because this stone is easily scratched and stained, it needs more care than other building stones.

The use of different types of onyx

Considering the characteristics and advantages of onyx , it can be said that the applications of different types of onyx with its design, color and features are very diverse. In the following, we mention the most important of these applications:

Since onyx has the property of passing light, it is used in luxury spaces as a decoration or to create an effect and lighting.

The next use that can be considered for this stone is to use it as stone artefacts.

In the interior decoration of the room, instead of using wallpaper, you can use onyx wall covering.

Various types of marble with a special and beautiful appearance can be used as counters or tables in kitchens or as walls and stones in bathrooms.

You should keep in mind that onyx is vulnerable to staining and you should be careful in its maintenance. In general, it can be said that due to the high price of this stone and taking into account its characteristics, this stone is most widely used in architecture and interior decoration.

Types of onyx

If we want to examine Iran’s rank in the world in having onyx mines, Iran has the second rank in this ranking. Natanz city, which is located in Isfahan province, has the largest share in onyx extraction.

Among the types of onyx we can mention brown onyx, golden gray onyx, orange onyx, white onyx, green onyx, creamy onyx, light blue onyx, etc. In the rest of this article, we will examine one of the types of onyx called pink onyx.

Pink Onyx

One of the types of onyx that is very beautiful and luxurious is pink onyx. This stone has a pink theme and black veins can be seen in some of its models. This pink stone will be very beautiful for use in the building. This stone is used in cabinet tops, stone sinks, stone artifacts, and interior design. Due to the limitation in extraction and its special and unique color, pink onyx is somewhat rare and therefore has a high price.

This onyx is mainly used in the form of slabs and in book match and form match frames. As you know, onyx stones are highly polished and transmit light well. Knowing this advantage and placing LED panels under these types of stones, you can create a beautiful design. Using this creative trick for home interior decoration is a very good option.




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