Traonyx Stone

If you are looking for a stone with a special and unique appearance that you can use in different parts of the building and even in interior decoration with lighting, Traonyx stones with beautiful and unique designs and colors are among the best choices.

Traonyx stone is a combination of travertine and onyx or marble and consists of minerals including aragonite, calcite and iron carbonate. This stone is one of the most beautiful and unique stones that can be used in many ways in the interior and exterior design of the building.

Features of  Traonyx stone

Traonyx stone is a sedimentary stone and is found in red, chocolate, yellow and white colors. Traonyx stone is a porous stone with bold and clear veins, and because of beautiful and special patterns, it conveys a natural feeling to any home. Traonyx stone is processed into various types of polished and antique leather after mining. This stone can compete with marble stones in terms of beauty and charm.

Traonyx stone does not absorb heat. Therefore, it always has a cool surface and can give a sense of freshness and coolness to the space. The water absorption of this stone is very low, and for this reason, it cannot be used in places such as kitchens and countertops. Parts of this stone that have bold veins do not transmit light well, but light can pass through other parts. This feature has caused the lighting to be done behind it in the interior design to give a different effect to the space.

Disadvantages of Traonyx stone

In addition to all the advantages mentioned for the types of Traonyx stones, there are also disadvantages in this stone. However, these disadvantages cannot reduce the beauty and uses of this beautiful stone. One of these disadvantages is that Traonyx stones do not have a uniform design and plan, therefore, if you are among the people who are interested in uniform and matching designs, choosing this stone cannot be a good option for you.

The coldness of this stone, which was already mentioned, can induce a feeling of coldness in the space, and for this reason, it is recommended not to use it in cold environments.


Due to the many features and advantages mentioned for this beautiful stone, this product can have various uses. Designers, due to the special characteristics of this stone, use it in areas where luxury stone is needed. In the following, we will mention several uses of this beautiful stone.

  • Interior and exterior view of the building
  • Floor coverings
  • Wall Plugs
  • Making stone artifacts
  • Stairway
  • Wash basin
  • Counter step and kitchen island
  • Making decorative items such as lampshades and vases
  • Luxury sanitary services
  • Lobby and entrance halls

Types of traonyx stones

Due to the way they are formed, Traonyx has different designs and colors. This diversity has made us have different types of Traonyx stones. Among the types of Traonyx stone, we can mention forest Traonyx, Carmania Traonyx, wooden Traonyx and Yazd Traonyx stone. Traonyx forest stone has a brown background with dark and light textures.

Traonyx Carmania also has a brown color theme and colors like white and gray are used in its texture. As its name suggests, wooden Traonyx has a design and texture similar to wood and has the ability to transmit light to a significant extent. Yazd Traonyx stone is one of the most important types of Traonyx known in Iran, which has a yellowish cream color theme and has various uses in buildings due to its availability.

The price of traonyx stone

All building stones, for pricing, must pass through filters that affect the price. Each of these filters can affect the stone price in some way. Among these factors, we can mention the percentage of compounds in the stone, its weight, the dimensions and size of the stone, the type of use and application, the type of cut, the quality of processing and the variety in design and pattern.

For example, the percentage of compounds that are present in the tronyx stone can be an important factor in the price. Because the percentage and amounts of compounds that make this stone play a role in its durability and longevity. The next point is the dimensions and size of the stone. The larger the dimensions of a stone, the more volume of raw stone it uses, and therefore it will have a higher price. The type of cut can also be an important factor in the price of a stone. A more precise cut of the stone allows for a cleaner and more basic appearance when the stone is used in the building.

Purchase Traonyx stone

As you have been familiar with all kinds of construction projects and new design styles, nowadays designers tend to use themes and patterns that are derived from nature. In designs derived from nature, irregular patterns and contrasting designs and colors are placed next to each other to reduce the monotonous and repetitive modern life. In order to achieve this goal, the use of Traonyx stones is one of the best options and the most suitable materials.

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