Features of Slab Stone

After leaving mine, the stone is sent in raw form to stone cutting factories for processing. In stone-cutting factories, in order to manufacture and produce stone, they must first cut the raw material by special machines called cutters or saws. Different dimensions of block stones are cut for various construction purposes, and the largest size is called a slab. In this article, we will introduce the types of slab stones.

What is slab stone?

If we want to know more about slabs, we must first know it’s meaning. In the Latin language, slab is a word that means sheet or leaf, and nowadays slab is one of the new methods of stone processing. In order to cut the slabs, special devices such as saws and wire cutters must be used. In this cutting method, the saw cuts the raw stone and turns it into several slabs.

Slab dimensions are much larger than tiles or stones that are cut by a cutter. The size of slabs depends on the size of the stone from which they are cut (generally 220 x 120). After cutting slab, it will be ready for other stone processing such as epoxy work, sanding and polishing, round cutting, etc.

Characteristics of slab stone

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, slab processing is a new method that has more advantages than other old methods. After epoxy work , the back of slabs become strong and resistant by gluing nets. And, it minimizes the possibility of breakage and crushing.

One of the other important features of slab stones is that they have less waste than other tile stones due to the large dimensions of the stone cutting. Also, this type of stone is easier to move and carry. This stone creates a uniform and stunning design for your building. Another feature that has made slab stones popular is their lighting capability. Marble is one of the most famous and different building stones, which has been used in decorations since ancient times. Another important point is their high variety of colors and patterns. In the slab processing, no artificial colors are used and this natural and unique beauty of slabs has attracted many fans.

Types of slabs

Slabs are divided into different types according to the origin stones they are made of.

Travertine slabs

This type of stone has a warm nature. And, the appearance of a travertine slab is very similar to limestone.

Granite slabs

Granite slabs with their high strength and various colors, are used a lot in exterior and interior designs.

Quartz slabs

It is one of the strong and durable slabs that has a high resistance to scratches, cold and heat, and it is very suitable to use for countertops and other kitchen stones.

Application of stone slabs

These stones are used in different construction sectors due to their special dimensions and beauty, and this has made them one of the most useful construction stones. In the other hand, slabs are widely used in the following parts :

  • Interior designs
  • Building entrance
  • Lobby walls
  • Elevator walls
  • Fireplace walls
  • Kitchen stones and counters
  • TV rooms
  • Decoration of luxurious halls
  • Meeting and conference hall
  • Flooring
  • Stylish pool walls
  • Modern stores design

The price of slab stones

The reason why the price of this stone is very high compared to other construction stones is about it’s difficult production process. So, the cost of buying and installing this stone is high. According to the points mentioned about the price of this type of stone, many other factors also can affect the price.

Among these factors, we can mention quality and abrasion. When a slab has high abrasion and quality, it usually has a higher price than other lower qualities. Also, the uniformity of color and design is important in determining the price. The stone which has these factors is considered in the category of super or high quality stones and it will have a higher price than others.

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