Facade washing

There are harmful pollutants in the air that are caused by the smoke of cars and factories. These pollutants with dust and acid rains sit on the facade stones and cause them to become dark and dirty. When the facade of the building gets dirty in addition to effects on the appearance of the building, it also effects on the appearance of the neighborhood and the city.

What is façade cleaning?

The set of services that are performed to remove dirt, stains or any type of pollution from the surface of the facade stone of the building using special materials and specialized tools is called façade washing or façade cleaning. There is no fixed method for washing facade stones. And, according to each building facade, its washing may be different. Note that as washing facade makes it beautiful, it also can cause serious damage to the façade if the wrong washing method is used.

For washing the facade of a building according to the type of it, you can use special materials and substances such as detergents, acidic materials and nano materials. Also, the tools used for washing can be different according to the type of mass and stains sitting on the façade stones.

Buildings that need facade washing

There are various buildings that when you look at them you realize that their facades need to be washed. Next, we want to check them together.

  1. One of the buildings that need facade washing are old buildings that have been built for a long time and have not been cleaned during this time. During their lifetime, these buildings have absorbed a lot of dirt and pollution, and the color of their façade stones are no longer clear. In these buildings, most of the facade stones are washed with a waterjet machine 220 times along with special materials for removing stains.
  2. The next item whose facade stones need to be washed are the buildings that have been renovated and they have just finished their construction phase. In these buildings, due to their stone work, the soil sits on the surface of the stones and makes them dirty. Also, there might be some mortar on the surface of the stones and make their appearance ugly. In these cases, you can wash the facade of your building by contacting facade cleaning companies.
  3. In addition to buildings whose facades are made of stones, there are buildings that have glass facades. These buildings also need washing and cleaning. One of the disadvantages of this type of facade is that it gets dirty soon and needs to be washed regularly. In the autumn and winter seasons, after snow and rain, spots remain on the glass. These facades need to be washed every three months.

Types of stone washing methods

there are two methods for washing the stone facade, and you can choose each of these according to the type of your facade, your budget, and its safety:

Washing the façade with Rapple method without scaffolding

Due to the progress of science and the construction of tall buildings all over the world, it is no longer possible to wash the stone facade with the scaffolding method. Washing stones with this way reduces the speed of people’s actions and for this reason, the Rappel method is replaced. The rappel method or washing with a rope is much safer, faster, and at the end it has higher quality than the scaffolding method. And, in general, choosing this method doesn’t take any risks.

Washing the façade by the scaffolding method

This washing method is an old and traditional method that is rarely used due to the high cost and risk. This method is usually used when there isn’t enough space to use ropes for cleaning.

The best time to wash the facade

In big cities, there are a lot of pollution in the air such as factories and cars smoke. Some of these pollutants are decomposed and purified by plants. But most of them remain in the air and over time sit on the building façades and make them dirty and over time the stones become darker and won’t have their initial brightness. This time is the time to wash the facade. With using machines with high water pressure, these pollutants are removed from the facade. If hard materials except stones are used in the facade of your building, you can use the sandblasting method to clean it.

The price of façade washing

The price of façade stone washing is determined by several factors. Among these factors, we can mention the amount of pollution, the time spent for washing, the difficulty of washing method and the final quality of the work. If there is any changes in the items mentioned, the cost of the façade washing will increase or decrease. Before doing it, agree on the price with the relevant companies.

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