Stone, the best flooring

Stones have been the oldest and most durable building materials due to their strong structure and resistance to climate changes. So, using stones for flooring is better than other materials such as ceramics, wood and etc.  According to the features and structures of various stones, their uses are also different and it depends on the locations and spaces. For example, the paving of the hall and reception area can’t be the same as the paving of the park and sidewalks. and in this article, we will try to understand what kind of stones are suitable for different paving.

Internal and external Paving stones

Basically, the internal and external paving stones of the buildings should have a special harmony. It is true that stones have various uses and maybe you can’t use the indoor floor stones for outdoor spaces. But they can’t be completely irrelevant especially if the exterior of the building is separated from the interior by glass and large windows.

Here are some of the characteristics of natural stones:

  • Stones are naturally cold and using them in hot and dry areas can cool down the warm environment of your home. And, walking on cool stone in the hot season will make you feel so good. Also, stones are very suitable for transferring heat to the environment. You can easily heat them in the cold seasons to make the environment pleasant. And, heat doesn’t harm the stones.
  • Stones are not allergenic compared to wood and using them are the best option for people who suffer from allergies. Also, cleaning them are so easy and simple because they are resistant to dust.
  • Natural stones have more affordable prices than other materials. Therefore, by using them you can lower the costs.
  • They have much longer resistance and durability than other materials, and they don’t pollute the environment.
  • Stones are the best option for street and yard paving, because of the stones are resistance to climate changes and other probable damages and threats and using them for these places can be a good choice.

When you want to buy stones, ask the seller to guide you with the suitable ones for the area you want to use them. Also, ask the seller to guide and teach you how to install, maintain and clean them.

Suitable stones for interior flooring

Indoor spaces are divided into various parts for which each of them must uses its own special stone. We will mention some of them below:

Hall and reception floor

Since these parts are not in open areas, you can use marble or crystal stones for them. The stones of hall and reception flooring are used in different dimensions such as 80×80 and 60×60 cm, and their thickness must be between 14 and 20 mm.

Room floor

Suitable natural stones for the floor of the rooms are also marble and crystal stones. Of course, it is better to use 40×40 and 40×20 cm sizes with the thickness of between 14 and 20 mm.

Stairs and parking lot floor

Because of the fact that there is too much traffic and pressure in these places, the stones which are used in stairs and parking lots should have high resistance and low water absorption, such as marble, crystal and granite stones. The appropriate thickness for stepping stone is between 30 and 40 mm, and for the stone of the stairs and parking lot wall is between 14 and 18 mm.

Commercial, administrative and educational complexes floor

Paving stones of these places should have high abrasion resistance and low water absorption due to the high traffic and the possibility of damaging movements. Granite and crystal stones will be a good option for commercial, administrative and educational complexes with the thickness of 18 and 20 mm.

Suitable stones for exterior flooring

Basically, the floor stone of the yard must be in harmony with the architectural style of the building. In another way, both of them must be in modern or classical style. And, the paving of passages and streets should be in harmony with the style of urban planning.

Yard and park floor

The paving stones of the yard and parks should be chosen in balance with the general view and architectural style. But there are several important points to be mentioned: first, the stones shouldn’t be slippery. Second, the stones should have the standard thickness. And third, they should be resistant to cold and heat. So, marble, crystal and granite stones with suitable thickness of 25 and 40 mm will be a good choice for these places.

Passage and sidewalk floor

Stones of passages and sidewalks paving must have high resistance to pressure and cold and heat. Granite and crystal stones with the thickness of between 40 and 100 mm, and especially cubic stones which have a high thickness, are suitable for these places.

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