Stone uses in administrative and organizational buildings

The use of stone in buildings is very wide. Stones are one of the elements in nature that have special importance for humans. The use of stones in the construction of the building’s facade is very important. Stones have many uses in office and organizational spaces, and we will mention some types of them.

Advantages of using stones in the buildings

Among the advantages of using stones in the office spaces, the following items can be mentioned:

  • Using stones in the facade of the commercial buildings increase the credibility of the offices and organizations.
  • Thermal insulation of stones saves the energy.
  • Stones are soundproof and they make peace in office and organizational spaces.
  • Using stones in the buildings make their decoration more beautiful.

Uses of stone in the buildings

Building floors

The stones that are used as flooring in offices and organizations must have a high resistance to pressure, scratches and acid detergents because the floor stones of the buildings may get some stains and pollution and they need to be washed immediately.

Building walls

The walls of the buildings have a great impact on the beauty and appearance of them. And, stones are one of the options that are very suitable and beautiful for the walls. Stones are usually used to cover the walls of offices, walls of residential and commercial buildings, bathroom wall, toilet wall and etc. Besides, the stones used for the covering of the walls are polished and can be easily washed.

Building facade

Stones are the most suitable options for building facades due to their high resistance to any weather conditions. Using stones in the internal and external facade of the office and organization buildings can increase the visual credibility and give the buildings a very stylish look.

Use of stones in the office decorations and organizations

Stones are very beautiful and stylish materials. And, they are highly recommended to be used for any buildings. By installing them in the interior parts of the offices and organizations, you will see a significant change in their decorations. You can use stones for all parts of the buildings, including the floor and walls or use them as decorations. Due to the fact that stones have a high variety in designs and colors, they can be easily coordinated with the general decoration of the buildings and give them a very attractive look.

Types of building stones

There are different types of building stones. Marble, travertine, onyx and granite are among the most used and common stones in the buildings.


Granite stone is one of the beautiful and expensive stones that are used for flooring, interior decoration, wall covering and etc. These stones have low water absorption and their smooth and uniform surface will increase the beauty of the buildings.


Onyx is among the stones that has a very high polishing ability. These stones have a great variety in designs, and they are available in gray, white, green and purple colors. One of the distinctive features of onyx stones is the smooth and mirror surface of this product.


Marble is one of the other stones used in the facade of the buildings which shows high resistance to acid rains and climate changes. These stones have a very beautiful and attractive appearance and they are also recommended to use for interior spaces.


Travertine stones are one of the best stones for office and organizational spaces. The high cutting and polishing ability of travertine stones are among the most important features of this stone.

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