Consisting of experienced staff in research, development, consultation, and sale fields, RAS Trading Group tends to conquer the country’s construction stone. We believe that our customers are entitled to make informed purchases, so by providing accurate and adequate information, we try to guide you as an honest consultant in purchasing products according to your requirements. Considering that the purchase process of stones takes a long time and compels a lot of energy and time, we do our best to make the most of the communication platforms and save your time. That is why we have provided the possibility of buying stones online. To achieve this purpose some of our services are listed bellow :

Design and Product Development

RAS Company can design, develop and produce new natural stones products. With our experience in the area, and through technical design of production we can help you create high complexity products that will easily surpass technical questions of the whole production process.

Inspections and Production Control

RAS Company performs Inspections and production control. We will carefully follow the production of natural stones, from extraction and production to the dry-lay and packaging process. Through this service, our customers can be sure that their products have been produced according to the agreement with their suppliers and that everything will follow as planned.

Site Survey and Production Drawings

RAS Company collaborates with experienced and capable professionals to measure and survey the project, we will prepare the technical drawings for production. Through our external network of collaborators, we can execute this service in several countries.

3D Technical Drawings, Renders

RAS Company through its collaborators’ network can produce 3D technical drawings and project renders or products that the clients wish to visualize. Nowadays these tools allow us to realistically design and simulate the final characteristic of our project or product. We can predict difficulties or limitations before reaching the production stage, which makes it possible to correct or improve the pieces before producing them.

Engineering Services

RAS Company in partnership with six sister companies and quarries develops engineering services in the following fields in some countries:

– Independent service of engineering in stone facade and technical advice in each phase of the process.

– Inspection and analysis of facades in case of failure or defects.

– Conceptual development of the facade, support in the design and the choice of suitable stones.

– Study and support in the analysis of wind actions, seismic, among others.

– Sizing of anchorage systems

– Project management, implementation of quality control, installation monitoring.


If you need any consultation about natural stone, please do not hesitate to contact us. RAS Company is prepared to provide you with the most specialized and accurate consultation services about natural stones. Our near 7 years of experience in complex projects has enabled us to acquire enough insight to help our clients choose the most desirable materials for their projects.


Our packaging policy is based on customer concerns, the size and the material we ship. Protective spraying and wooden packaging is a part of our commitment to the customer and should follow up the customs rules

SGS Services

As we are looking forward to making win-win deals, we use SGS global services to further the trust between us and our customers.

All Risk Insurance

Incidents are an inevitable part of human lives. Therefore we commit to our customers to deliver the products as promised safe with no harm to your doors while preventing any possible damage

Analyses of Products

It is easy for us to provide you with the stone you prefer at any dimension or standard. If you need further assurance about the quality of the products we can provide you with the analysis that is done by advanced scanners and laboratories so that you can be sure about  the color and quality

Overseas Offices & Facilities

Considering the fact that Iranian products are requested by other countries, a major number of customers prefer to buy directly from Iran without mediators to get a fair price. Considering the sister companies that we have in other countries, you will not face any difficulties in financial transfers and good shipping.

Live Videos from supply to Delivery

You can watch all the transporting levels online to assure you there is no damage included.


As technologies grow up we try to be up to date so that it can be available to deal through cryptocurrencies.

Standard Cutting

poor cutting quality and in compliance with the cutting standard creates unwanted issues in packaging, transporting and installation of the stone. Our team prevents any such damage to your goods and prevents concern.

SEDEX Membership

Coming soon …

Free Samples

Free samples are available at RAS stone company customer service. Please feel free to Contact Us should you have any questions, problems or sample requests.