Why You Should Work With Us:

Customer is our priority

We take pride in carefully planning every step of the delivery process while fulfilling your wants.We, along with our offices and representatives in other countries, hold ourselves accountable for responding to our customers 24/7.Our team offers free consultation for choosing the right stone.

Quick Turnaround

With the help from our on-site fabrication facilities, We will get your order ready ASAP.

High-level expertise

We take pride in our near ten years of experience in supplying and producing stone.

Largest Stone Selection

Persian stones have a diverse range of 2000 colours, which is an extremely big selection of raw material. RAS stone is able to supply most of these stones.

No Hidden Costs

Ordering from RAS stone, the offered price is the price you are going to pay because there will be no hidden cost.

No Enforced Buying

You will never feel any kind of tension coming from our team because we are determined to gain your full trust.

Up-to-date technology

We are completely experienced in using CNC and CAD technology providing us with the most accurate cuts.

Great Savings

With your budget in mind, we will make certain you get the best deal.

Reliable Sources

We have a product basket consisting of high-quality materials from reliable brands.

We will facilitate your project

Design your dream project for free using our virtual room designer’s assistance. Our team of skilled experts will help you carry out the design you have in mind.


Ability to supply all types of building stones in different dimensions, polished in various ways.


At the hand of top groups of stone cutting factories and the production of competitive products.


Consult with our team of stone specialists and get the accurate information you need about the products.


The most balanced price for services and receiving quality products

Detailed Estimate

Want to start your project today? we will accurately estimate the price for you.