Effective factors in the quality of building stones

The quality of building stones, the application of each of them and the geographical area are technical and specialized factors that are related to many parameters. Building stones should be used according to their type, structure and application. Also, stone grading is classified according to stone color, processing and quality. Due to the fact that there is no specific standard that determines the quality and grading of building stones, you should be careful when buying them.

Basically, when you want to purchase building stones, you should pay attention to the value of the project and the parts of the buildings you want to install them, in addition the quality and grade of the stones are important too.

Important points when buying stones

  1. Different Stone quarries have different qualities.
  2. The texture of the stone should be smooth and free of any cracks.
  3. They should have accurate sorts, dimensions and thicknesses.
  4. The stones should have suitable density, so their pressure resistance increases.
  5. They have a suitable water absorption.
  6. They should have a suitable polish.
  7. The absence of surface defects such as scratches, cracks and porosities are important.
  8. The method of stone processing or the quality of materials used in the stone production process including resin, UV, lace and etc.
  9. The type of packing and transportation.

Important points when installing stones

  1. During installation, the stone should be moistened first and then installed.
  2. Do not use dry mortar when installing floor stone.
  3. The stone shouldn’t be installed in below zero temperatures.
  4. In order to prevent stones from turning yellow or green after installation, the back of them should be covered with anti-rust.
  5. Never use polyester materials in order to make the stones shiny or dark, instead use special stone materials.

The usages of different building stones


Travertine stones can be installed in all internal and external parts of the buildings, but due to the porosity of these stones, they are less used in interior paving.


Granite stones can be installed in all parts of the buildings, and due to their high resistance, they are more used in high traffic and industrial places.


Marble stones are mostly used in the internal paving of residential and office units and the internal walls of the buildings.

Crystal stone

Crystal stones have various uses and you can use them in interior and exterior spaces, floors and walls. Because of their low water absorption, these stones are more useful in sanitary and humid places.

Sand stone

Sandstones can be used in the interior and exterior of the buildings.


Due to their high water absorption, limestones can be used in the facade and interior walls of the buildings.


Onyx stones are precious and valuable stones, and they are used in all interior spaces of the building, including floors and walls. Onyx stones are widely used in interior decoration because of their ability to pass the light.

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