Different kinds of stone for facade

Different kinds of stone for façade

Facades are the main component of design and architecture as they alone determine the building’s identity. In recent years building’s view and exterior architecture has gained popularity as it defines the role and occasions held at a building.

These days stones are the highest desire among all the building materials for exteriors. The main reason for this choice is that they are more elegant and charming than other available options.

Stones for façade have different kinds such as classics, neo classics and etc.

A question that comes to mind is that what kind of stones are actually used for facades? What kind of façade stones are there in the market?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of these materials?

Façade stone

Natural stones have a great variety to choose from, each with its unique property and application. Among all the building stones, Travertine, Granite, Sandstone and Quartz are the best options. This essay aims to discuss every one of them in detail.

1- It has to resist different weather conditions, heat and UV wave.

2-It has to have low water absorption. In large cities with air pollution and high levels of suspended particles, acidic rain is common. If the stone coverings absorb the acidic rain, it decomposes.

3-It must resist against erosion.

4-It has to adhere to other building materials easily otherwise it does not stick to the building and gets separated.

5-It should not have any crack and no color should be added during the processing.


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