The best stone for the kitchen

For centuries, stone has been one of the most popular materials for building’s façade and interiors. Stones have extremely high resistance and in addition to the beauty, they also have high quality. There are different types of stones and each of them has special materials and qualities. So, when you want to buy them, you must first know the different types of stones and their usages.

What is the suitable stone for kitchen?

Kitchen is a part of the building that has a great impact on the appearance of the house. Also, since the kitchen is always exposed to all kinds of detergents and acids, stones used in the kitchen must have high resistance to acids and all kinds of detergents, also their water absorption must be low. One of the best recommended stones is granite, which also has a very attractive appearance and resistance.

Granite stone

Granite stone is one of the most attractive building stones that have a very stylish and beautiful appearance. These stones give a natural look to your building. Granite’s high resistance has made it one of the most suitable options for the kitchen stone. Also, these stones are very resistant to alkaline acids and you will not see any yellow spots on the surface of these stones. Granite stones are used a lot for the kitchen cabinets and counters.

Travertine stone

Travertine is one of the other extremely resistant building stones. In addition to low water absorption, they also have a very stylish and attractive appearance. These stones are one of the other suitable stones for the kitchen and they can be installed in all parts of the kitchen. Furthermore, a UV layer is placed on the surface of travertine stones which prevents them from color changing against the sunlight.

Marble stone

Marble is one of the high quality building stones. These stones have some porosity and holes which are covered by using special materials such as resin and epoxy during the production process, and their quality and resistance increase. In addition to a beautiful and attractive appearance, marble stones have high resistance and they will not damage by any scratches. Also, the water absorption of these stones isn’t high and you can easily wash and use them for humid parts of the buildings.

Crystal stone

Crystal stone is another high-quality building stones that can be used in the kitchen. These stones absorb very little water, so they can be easily washed. Also, this characteristic of crystal stones has made them useful for sinks and cabinets. Crystal stones have a shiny and extremely stylish surface and they are considered the best option for luxury and modern buildings. These stones are very strong, resistance and durable.

Uses of stones in the kitchen

Building stones can be used in all parts of the kitchen. The most common use of stones in the kitchen is in the sink, cabinet, counter, floor, the wall between the cabinets and etc. Learning more about the stones, their features and uses will help you a lot in choosing the best kitchen stone.

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