How to buy affordable stones?


A major part of construction costs belong to the building stone so buying inexpensive stone with high quality can save constructors a great deal.

What should we know about stones to make the right purchase?

What are our expectations from the installed stones in the building?

To manage the cost of buying stones first of all one should determine the expectations from the stone, by answering these questions the level of one’s expectations can be determined, based on that one can purchase the proper inexpensive stone.

  • Will the stone be used in the inner space or outer space of the building?
  • Will the stone be exposed to sunlight?
  • Will the stone be exposed to moisture?
  • Will the stone be exposed to heavy traffic?
  • Will the stone be exposed to acidic substances, detergent, or pollutants?
  • Will the stone be used in places with the possibility of slipping?
  • Will the stone be used in a place with adequate ambient light or not?
  • Will the stone be used on the floor or on the walls of the building?


Each of the answers to the above questions determine our expectations and the higher our expectations, the higher the price. By managing your expectations properly you can choose a relatively inexpensive stone that is appropriate for you.

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  • If the stone is exposed to sunlight, cold, and heat and it is to be installed in the outer space of the building you must use the kind of stone which is resistant to changes in temperature and sunlight.
  • If the stone is installed in residential buildings the desired stone does not necessarily have to have high compressive strength. On the other hand, if the stone is installed in a public building and public places it necessarily has to have high compressive strength.
  • The selected stone must be under the intended budget and must be considered that in the world of natural stone there is a large board of variety that you can choose the stone that fits your budget.
  • The stones directly come from nature and the emergence and formation of a piece of rock take millions of years so we must accept it as a truth that natural stones are different from other materials like ceramic, parquet, or composite.
  • Accuracy in calculating the amount of required stone makes it possible not to buy more stone than needed for the project or we do not need to buy stones again.

To buy inexpensive and suitable stone, we must pay attention to the following point:



Paving interior and home spaces: the purpose of paving interior and residential spaces is that in residential areas because of the low traffic compare with office and public places there is no need to use the high resistant stones we can simply use the onyx stone and save on costs.

Paving the public spaces: in public spaces will be high traffic and moving items over the pavement will be occurred and, in this case, necessarily the suitable stone for the paving of the public places must have high resistance. For such spaces, varieties of granite and high-quality onyx stones are our best advice. For controlling the costs, you can use smaller dimensions because they have appropriate prices.


Stone façade:


Outer stone façade: to choose the outer stone façade must consider that the stone saccade is exposed to sunlight, cold and heat, and air pollutants. So must be used the kind of stone that is resistant to the above factors. Travertine and granite stones are the suitable options for the outer stone façade of the building but to control the costs we can use unusual dimensions with perfect design.


Inner stone façade: because the inner stone façade is not exposed to sunlight, cold and heat, and air pollutants and not needed to be against pushing resistance we can use building stone that fits your taste and budget.

Cover of the stone surface: for choosing the stone façade if you use travertine stone you can use the stone surface in the form of leather, scorched, hond and bush hammerd.

For choosing the pavement if the space is inner, stones will be used in the form of scorched stone


As conclusion when you want to buy stone you must be precise about the designing, architectural style, lighting and all other effective factors in color and design and choose the stone that fits with your design and taste and your budget.

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