What are the features of a high quality stone?

The stone which used in interior or exterior design should be free of cracks, rot and even possible harmful minerals. Good stone should generally have low water absorption and be resistance to atmospheric factors such as cold, heat, sunlight and also chemical materials.In many cases, buyers of building stones only pay attention to the appearance of the stone, which may cause problems for them over time and they will not be satisfied with the stone they bought. most buyers and consumers of stones are looking for the color and uniformity of the stone, while the stone has a natural texture and the color of the stone is inspired by the nature and has been formed over millions of years. When buying building stone, you should pay attention to the space which building stone will be installed in, because not all stones have the same use and each stone is suitable for one or more parts of the building space. Spaces that can be separated in the building usually include stone installation space in the interior facade, paving of residential spaces, paving of commercial and common spaces, staircases, doors, shelters and …. The stone is suitable for exterior or building facade is a stone that is resistance to cold, heat and UV rays of sunlight. due to this issue, the stones that are resistance to the above factors are travertine, granite and sandstone. among the stones suitable for facades. Travertine stone is absorbed with a good mortar due to the presence of pores, but in the case of granite sandstone stones, the scoop method must be used during the installation. Suitable stone for interior facade is a stone that is durable and has a beautiful appearance because interior façade stones are not exposed to weather conditions. Therefore, stones such as onyx marble, lime stone and crystal can be used. However there are no restrictions on the type of stone for the interior walls of the building.

Suitable stone for stairs and steps

The suitable stone for stairs and footsteps and specially for crowded places is a stone which has good strength. Granite is the best option for use on building stairs. But if there is a desire to use the onyx stone, it must be made of high quality and first class onyx marble.

Suitable stone for paving indoor and residential spaces

Stone is the best and most durable flooring in the world and so far no material has been made more durable and beautiful than natural stone. The stones will give a pleasant and beautiful atmosphere to the building due to their high resistance to impact, fire, chemicals, suitable sanding, beautiful and natural design and color. the best and most suitable stones for paving indoor and residential spaces are stones that have high water absorption and abrasion resistance, less porosity and high resistance. Among the building stones, onyx marble and crystal stone or the same porcelain stone are suitable for paving indoor and residential spaces, but in commercial and office spaces where there is more traffic, stone should be used that has high strength, such as granite or high quality onyx marble.

Suitable stone for paving sidewalks

A suitable stone for such spaces must be resistant to pressure, frost and chemicals. Granite and crystal stones are especially produced in the form of ax and cubic stones and are suitable for such spaces because they prevent frustration.

Suitable stone for bathrooms

Suitable stones for spaces with high humidity, such as bathroom, is a stone that has low water absorption and being resistant to chemical detergents. Among the available stones, granite and crystal are more suitable.

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