The Advantages Of Slab Stone

Stones have many usages in constructions or buildings and their antiquity is related to the ancient times.Other building pavings include woods or bricks will lose their quality in the future and they will not have their first appearance . But , because of the extraction from the deep part of the earth , the quality of the building stones are amazing and also they will not change or lose their quality in the passing of time.They are obtained naturally and like woods don’t effect the destruction on the environment. So they are the best choices for keepers or lovers of the environment.

What is slab stone?

In latin language slab means piece or part and it calls to the stones which are in great part and they extract from the mine by using the tools such as saw and multi wire. These rocks include travertine , granite , Chinese stone and etc , and it is actually one of the modern form of preparation of stones. The dimension of slabs are greater than disk cut stones and generally their width are bigger than 80 centimeters.Nowadays , by considering the progress in stone cutting tools , the preparation of stones like slabs become so common.

In this article , we are going to be familiar with the most common advantages of the slab stone :

a) Slab stones are easily embedded by using grout and cement and they have a high adhesion. So, we can use them for the appearance of the towers and also for the high-rise buildings.

b) The color of these stones are totally natural and they don’t have any artificial color in their structure. So, these rocks are close to the nature and they will bring the peace to the houses. In this case, the high variety of slab stones are be noticed by the decoration designer.

c) Slabs are found in natural form in the nature.Therefor , it is easy to maintain them and you don’t need to be worry about their destruction.

d) Slabs are so hard and they have a beautiful look. So , these rocks are used in all buildings.

e) Slab stones have a unique beauty. And by using them, you can have a wonderful appearance in your construction or building. And because of this feature , the decoration designers are really interested to them !

f) The hardness of these stones cause the longevity of them and great selling in the market.

g) The scrappiness of these stones are so high and they don’t chip easily. So, we can cut them in different forms and shapes.

h) Also these rocks have the bookmatch and fourmatch ability.

The usage of slab stone

Slabs have many usages and they are used in internal and external view of the buildings, cobbles and etc .these rocks are in high quality and we can use them in all parts of the buildings and make them more beauty . Also , we can buy them in different dimensions that we want.Stones in different types , colors and shapes are one of the usual parts which are used in buildings.Nowadays, slabs like granite slabs or marmoreal ones are used to make the inner parts of the houses more beauty . Each of stones has their own special feature . So, they are used in different places. One of these stones are travertine which is considered a cheap stone in different colors. And, it usually used in the external space. Travertine stones resembles marmoreal stones but they are not as hard as marmoreal stones.

Tramit stone is made By combination of these two kinds of stones which has more lime and less weight.Marmoreal is one the most beautiful stones and it is one of its greatest feature . These rocks are in different colors and patterns . Chinese stone , onyx and travonex stone which is made by combination of onyx and travertine , are the different kinds of marmoreal stone. Marmoreal and limestone have less strength and weight than granite stones.

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