Stone lighting

Lighting is a new and innovative method that is done using different methods and using different devices and materials. One of these methods, which has gained a lot of fans today, is the use of translucent stones in lighting and use in interior design. If you are also looking for new style lighting and you are tired of traditional and old lighting and designs, stone lighting can be a good option for the facade.

What is stone lighting?

Light-transmitting stones are among the newest materials in the world, and the style of lighting using such stones has become common in all developed countries, and examples of this style can be found all over the world. Today in Iran, many people involved in the construction industry use lighting in a variety of projects to be able to show the beauty of their structures in addition to day and night with lighting.

The properties of translucent stones are much higher than other materials used for interior design, and this in itself can be a stabilization of the capabilities of this building material. In the continuation of this article, by mentioning the characteristics of these attractive and widely used stones, we will become more familiar with their advantages.

Advantages of translucent stones

Stones that are suitable for stone lighting and are called translucent stones have various features and benefits, including their light weight. These stones are generally light in weight and are used in the form of thin panels. When the stone used in the building has a lighter weight, it prevents the load from being added to the dead body to the building, and this is an important advantage in construction.

The next feature of these stones is their anti-moisture. The stones that are selected for lighting are covered with a layer of nano-resin, which makes the stone resistant to water and moisture. This feature makes it possible to use these stones in spaces such as swimming pools

Light transmission, which is one of the prominent and unique features of these stones, which is the reason for their use in this field is their special feature, and this situation has made this stone different from other building stones. Translucent rocks can transmit light of any spectrum and color

Another advantage of these stones is their simple execution. Execution of translucent stones is very simple and can be learned with a simple tutorial. This simplicity in execution can also increase the speed of execution of these stones in the building and takes a much shorter time in installation compared to other stones. Translucent stones will not have the problem of cracking and settling due to their flexibility against fracture and impact, like traditional stones. This flexibility makes it possible to use this special stone in different parts of the building, including for stone lighting.

Application of translucent stones

Translucent stones are used in different parts of the building and will show their own beauty in each part. These include the following:

  • Kitchen counter
  • Behind the bed
  • entrance door
  • Bathroom wall
  • Body partitions
  • Stair level
  • living room
  • Sofa front desks
  • Space behind the TV
  • The most important in the facade of the building

A very important point in beautifying the city and its space is the facade of the buildings. The stones used for the facade can, in addition to durability and strengthening the building, also play a role in turning that building into a beautiful structure. Stone facade lighting can turn a dark building into a bright and attractive space at night. Marble stones are one of the most famous stones that are used in lighting and can pass light well.

Marble is the most suitable stone for lighting

Different types of marbles Due to their high color diversity, marble stones are among the metamorphic stones that have a very high resistance, can be used in different parts of the building and its different dimensions are used for lighting in various parts of the building.

When installing marble stones, for example in the dimensions of its slabs, using colored lamps or SMD and LEDs, it can do this and can create colored light colors without painting. Large stones such as slabs are usually used to illuminate the stone so that the light in these large dimensions can show itself well and create a special effect in the building.

Stone is always done in different parts. In general, stone has many uses in construction. Artificial stones are also used.

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