Black Stones

Due to its special color and beauty, black stone has always been one of the most popular stones among architects and builders. This stone can be used in different parts of the building. Various types of black marmite in different designs and sizes are extracted from mines for various applications and after processing they are offered to the market. In this article, we want to get to know more about the types of black stone and what are the uses of each of them in the field of construction.

Types of black stones

Black stone is a stone that has beautiful veins and is used in the lobbies and interior walls of the building. Black building stone is widely used in kitchen counters due to its beautiful appearance and fire resistance, low water absorption and antibacterial properties. Among the types of stones, the stone with black color is found more in marble stone. The reason why marble stones are black is the presence of carbon compounds in them. In granite stones, the presence of minerals such as biotite and hornblende make them black. The higher the amount of these minerals in the stone, the blacker the stone will be. Black marble is also used in some luxury buildings, which is very attractive and beautiful.

Black marble stone

Black marble is one of the most widely used building materials that are used in different parts of the building. Black marble usually has gold, silver and white streaks. These streaks have made it possible to use black marble stones with slab dimensions in book match and form match designs. In addition to these, black marbles can be used in modern and classic designs.

Types of black marble stone

There are several examples of black marble, each of which shows its own beauty according to its design. Among the types of black marble stones, the following can be mentioned.

  • Lashtar marble
  • Black Dehbid marble
  • Spider black Dehbid marble
  • Najaf Abad black marble
  • Golden Black marble

The use of different types of black marble

In general, it can be said that black marble color is mostly used in the interior spaces of the building. But due to its dark color, it can also be used as lobby flooring in commercial centers and luxury hotels. This stone creates a very stylish and beautiful effect in your building. An important point in the discussion of the use of black stone is that you should not use black marbles that have a shiny surface on the floor of places that have a hard and rough use. Black marble is used in the form of slabs as a counter or open kitchen stone or as a stone between cabinets. This stone can give a very luxurious look to your kitchen. This stone can be used in the staircase, elevator frame and stone artifacts.

Black granite stone

Black granite is one of the most widely used construction stones. This stone is highly popular among designers and builders due to its high resistance against impact, pollution and climate change and scratch resistance. Among the types of black granite, we can mention Natanz black granite, Chayan black granite and Alamut black granite.

Characteristics and application of black granite stone

Black granite stones are very resistant and strong due to their structure. These stones are resistant to various destructive factors. The most important features of this stone are its strong adhesion to mortar, easy maintenance, resistance to pollution and weather changes. Due to the excellent properties of this stone, it can be used in all parts of the building.

The applications of granite stone in the building are very diverse. Areas such as walls, cabinets, stairs, countertops, bathrooms, and building floors are very good places to use this stone. In addition, black granite can be used in high-traffic areas such as sidewalks, office and commercial buildings, street signs, hospitals, etc. Black granite stone can be combined with other building materials and unique designs can be created with its help.

The price of black granite

There are several factors that can change the price of this building stone. One of the most important factors that also applies to black granite. The higher the quality of granite, the higher its price. The size of the stone is also a determining factor in the price. In some cases, black granite stone is cut in different dimensions according to its application. As you know, the larger the dimensions of the black granite stone, the higher the price. Black granite processing also plays a significant role in its price. The precision in cutting the stone, the amount of sanding and polishing given to the stone, the type of stone, etc., are other factors affecting the price.

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