Marble in Interior Design

Marble has many uses in interior design. Marble is one of the most luxurious and best materials that has been used extensively in construction in our country in the past few years. Marble stones create the best facade in the interior decoration of houses. Variety in design and color, high durability and beauty of this stone is one of the most important factors in the use of marble stones in exterior and interior decoration.

Properties of marble stone

Marble stones have become a popular stone for home interior design due to their various advantages and features. In the following, you will become more familiar with this high quality building stone by examining some of these features.

  • Has a smooth, glossy and polished surface
  • Ability to engrave polishing, etc.
  • High compressive strength to travertine stones
  • Very low water absorption
  • Impact and scratch resistance
  • Strong texture

Marble stone for the interior design of the walls

Marbles with a wide variety of colors and models are a very good option for the interior walls of the building or the walls behind the fireplace. There are various options for choosing this stone for the interior of the building. You can choose the desired marble according to your taste and other layouts and colors in your building. Note that by knowing which of the interior sections, you can make an easier choice.

Properties of marble stone in kitchen

The kitchen in any building is one of the most important parts of the interior space. Light-colored marbles are commonly used to design kitchen walls. In the part, you can use Abadeh marble stones that are available in different dimension and colors. Ras stone is one of the most prominent manufacturers of Abadeh marble, which offers this beautiful stone to the market in different dimensions and sizes. Note that other building stones can be used in the sections between the walls and the wall behind the sink to create more variety and attractive appearance.

Properties of marble stone in bedroom

The bedroom is another important part of the building that can be made much more beautiful and stylish by making changes in the floor and walls. The stone that you use for the floor and the wall of your room should have an attractive color. According to your taste, it is possible that the color of the wall stone is different or the same as the floor stone of the room. By choosing the right combination for the walls and floor of the bedroom, you can create a stunning physical change in your bedroom. Marble is also used in the interior design of the bedroom. In choosing floor stones, more light stones are suggested to you. Because the reflection of light on these stones makes the room brighter.

Properties of marble stone in bathroom

The use of various types of marble tiles in bathrooms has created a unique effect in bathrooms. Choosing this stone for bathrooms and toilets can be an attractive and amazing choices for you. Toilets generally take up little space in the house, which can be displayed more widely with the right design. The use of marble stones will play a very effective role in designing the space of this section. It is recommended to use light and patterned stones for this part so that in addition to the beautiful effect, they are also easier to clean.

Properties of marble stone in design and construction of columns

This stone has been used to build columns for thousands of years. These features and properties that this extraordinary stone has, properties such as durability and high strength, have made it to be used in various interior parts of the building and remain healthy for many years. Due to these features the first option they choose to install on the columns of houses is marble stones. These stones can be cut and turning and being well polished. This has led many designers and builders to turn to marble stones.

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