Marble, A Marvelous Stone

Marble is a metamorphosed limestone with colorful minerals, the main mineral of which is calcite. This constructional and decorative stone has many adherent & lovers. Actually it is used in different parts of the buildings to beautify and strengthen that part . And, similar stones that are formed in nature today play an important role in interior design and decoration. In the following article, we will learn about the use of marble in different spaces.

As you know, marble is transformed exposure to high pressure and heat . This stone is produced in two sorts of uniform surface and the sort with streaks. These streaks are due to impurities in this stone. The color you see in marble stone is due to the presence of materials such as iron oxide, silica, graphite and other calcareous materials. Marble colors are not found in any other building stone. Because of the presence of calcite in this stone, it can be cut and polished well. When the stone is well cut and polished, it becomes clear and shiny, and this will lead to various uses for this beautiful stone.

Characteristics of Marble Stone

The first and most important characteristic of marble is its hardness and resistance. The high resistance of this stone has made it to be used in the parts of the building that require stones with high hardness and resistant. This beautiful stone can be used for several many years because of its high resistant to atmospheric conditions such as humidity, heat and cold. Marble rarely gets polluted, so this stone is able to maintain its beauty for a long time. The beauty and uniqueness is one of the other characteristics of this stone, which has made this stone abundantly used in luxury and special buildings. The dens and good structure that marble has is resistant to heat and it maintains the energy; this is a special advantage for this building stone.

Application of Marble Stone

Due to marble’s unique features and properties, this stone has a variety of uses in different parts of the building , including :

Marble Stairs

Since marble is a heavy and strong stone, using it for stairs and steps is a very good choice. The stepping stone must be resistant to pressure. So, by having this feature, marble is a well option for building stairs.

Usage in Cabinet Stone

Undoubtedly, marble creates a stunning atmosphere in each part of the building. One of the most important parts of each house is the kitchen. By using marble in this part ,  you can double the beauty of your house. The use of marble stone for cabinets and wall coverings between cabinets creates a beautiful and special kitchen. One of the best advantages of using this stone in kitchen design is the ease of cleaning it .

Marble Flooring

Undoubtedly, the use of marble is very impressive and it creates an attractive and stunning atmosphere in each part of the building. When you use marble for the floor of your building, you can easily clean it and as we mentioned before ,this is an important advantage of marble stones. Due to marble’s light color, when it used for flooring , it will make the space bigger and brighter .

Marble Tables

By the time, perhaps the use of marble tables is not common among people, but by using this special and unique type of stone for table , you can create a special and stylish atmosphere. These tables have great hardness and stunning beauty. They can be used as dining tables or tables in front of or next to the sofa.

Application of marble in the exterior of the building

In luxury buildings, architects use marble to enhance the charm and beauty of the exterior of the building. The facade of the building is generally considered the face of the building. If you intend to use this stone for the facade , you should consider its beauty, strength, heat-resistant and also its price. Installing marble for facade has its own principles that requires high skill for this work.

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