Natural stone quarries in Iran

Iran is one of the countries with various mines. And, about 25% of the known quarries of Iran are building stone mines. Iran’s natural resources have taken a large share of the world market. In the field of natural stone, there are many quarries in various places and cities of Iran which supply the country’s domestic consumption and foreign exports.

In continue, we will introduce the most important stone mines of Iran.

Mining from the Iranian stone quarries

Extracted stones from Iranian mines have a great variety in type, color, design and quality. Meanwhile, in countries such as Brazil and India, there is only granite and in Italy there is only marble.

As we know, the taste of people in the society is different from time to time and this huge variety of Iranian stones make the market respond faster and customers can choose different stones for their projects.

The variety of discovered stone quarries in Iran is as follows:

  • Marble stones 54%
  • Granite stones 20%
  • Crystal stones 15%
  • Travertine stones 10%
  • Onyx stones 1%

In this article, we’re going to speak about the most important stone mines of Iran in Isfahan, West Azerbaijan, Lorestan, Fars, Yazd and Central provinces:

Isfahan Province

This province has the most important stone quarries of Iran. It has 89 travertine mines, which is the highest number among the provinces of this country.

West Azerbaijan Province

This province produces more than 4000 tons of construction stones every year. stones with high quality and variety. In this province, there are about 440 mines that have licenses, and approximately one-half of this number is related to building stone quarries. Marble, onyx and granite are among the stones which are extracted from the mines of this province.

Azarshahr is the most important and famous city of West Azerbaijan province in this industry. It is famous in the world for its red travertine. Azarshahr city has 40 active mines and from this point of view it is considered one of the important centers of stone production in this country.

Lorestan Province

This province has about a quarter of Iran’s building stone resources, so it is considered one of the important provinces in stone industries in Iran.

There are about 70 marble and crystal mines in this province, and it has the largest number of stone quarries among other provinces.

Fars Province

Crystal and Marble stones are about 15% of all the stones extracted from Fars province mines.

There are 398 active stone quarries in Fars province, which generally are about 10% of the Iran’s stone mines. Also, due to its high-quality stones, this province has exported about 30% of Iran’s natural stones.

Yazd Province

Stone quarries of this province are very diverse and most of them are granite, marble and crystal mines.

About one million and 300,000 tons of stones are extracted from Iran’s quarries every year, and Yazd province owns more than 30% of this extraction.

Central Province

This province has the largest number of the active building stone quarries with 64 travertine mines. And, currently the Central province supplies a significant part of the travertine stone needed by the internal market and it is considered to have important stone mines.

Mahalat city is famous to has one of the most important sources of travertine stone mines in the world and it has a great diversity.

Stones in different types, with different textures and colors are one of the natural materials used for constructions and buildings. Today, slabs of granite and marble stones are used to beautify the different parts of the buildings. Stones have their unique characteristics that make them possible to be used for various purposes. For instance, travertine which is considered an inexpensive stone and has a variety of colors, is mostly used outdoors.

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