What is the best stone for stairs?

Using a suitable stone for the staircase of a building is very important, because the staircase is a place of high traffic. When designers or architects decide to construct a building, they must consider to use good materials for their projects in terms of the safety. The most impressive part of a building is its facade and stairs.

As mentioned, the staircase of a building is a place with high traffic, and it is visible to all the people who live or come in. That’s why the architects try to use the best materials for this part of the buildings. Although stone is a heavy and hard material, but it can give a special effect to the building due to its beautiful texture and natural color.

If we want to mention the types of stones that can be used for the stairs, we can mention granite and marble stones. But, the best and suitable type for staircase is granite stone.

Building stones have their own use and the climatic and geographical conditions of the region they are going to use is very important to be noticed. Also, natural stones are different in terms of resistance. The best type of the stones is one that is resistant to pollution and water absorption.

Types of staircase’s stones and their use

Granite stone

Granite is a high resistance stone with high polish and unique appearance. And, it is also resistant to acidic detergents, so you can clean it easily and it does not show any chemical reactions against these materials. This stone has low water absorption, so it is a good choice for the staircase designs. This stone is mostly used in high-traffic places, such as office and commercial complexes, road construction, sidewalks, stairs and etc.

Onyx stone

Onyx is a luxury stone that is mostly used in the interior designs of the buildings. This stone has a high resistance to cold and heat. In terms of its long life, onyx is a suitable stone for stairs. And, over passing time, this stone won’t lose its appearance. In addition to the interior parts of the buildings, onyx stone can also be used in the exterior parts. And, this stone is highly resistant to acid rains. One of the important features of onyx is that it has the ability to pass the light. If you are looking for a good, high-quality and luxury stone for stairs, this stone is a good option. But, in terms of price, it has a relatively high price.

What is the best stone for the stairs?

Architects and designers expect the stone they use for the internal and external stairs have a high-quality and it keeps its appearance and quality for years. The stone used for the stairs should not have any cracks because its surface will break over time. So, it’s important to use high-quality stones with low water absorption and they must be resistant to detergents and chemicals. Using natural stones in the stairs give a special effect to the building due to their special texture and natural color.

Here is a great point for you when you want to choose or buy a natural stone:

It’s easy to recognize a good and high-quality stone when it makes the sound of glass when you hit it. Hit the stone with a metal object, if it makes a glass sound, it means that the stone does not have any cracks and it is a good stone.

Features of a suitable stone for staircase

The stones that builders and designers can use for the staircase are marble, granite and lime stone. And, according to their taste in stones and the cost of them, they can choose each of these stone.

Below are some of the features of stepping stones:

  • They must be highly resistant to weather conditions and water absorption
  • Stairway stones must have high resistance to pressure and scratches.
  • The stones used for the stairs must have a special color and texture.
  • And most importantly, they should have a high quality which is very important.

As mentioned, you should choose a stone for stairs with all of these features so that it won’t crack or break over time.

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