Facade stone

In addition to protecting the building from environmental factors, the facade also makes the building attractive and beautiful. It is possible to buy suitable stones for building facade in different colors and designs from RAS Stone.

Mainly foreign designers and builders use stones for their constructions, the reason is that stones have high strength and resistance and also, they add much beauty to the places that they are used.

Types of facade stones

Today, the variety of building stones is very high, and each of the stones is suitable for a part of the building according to its capabilities. In the last few decades, travertine stones are often used for the exterior of the buildings because of their features. Other stones are also used in the internal or external facade, and we will get to know them briefly:

Building facade with Travertine stone

As mentioned in the previous part, the most suitable stone for the exterior of the building is travertine stone. Also, travertine stone is considered as one of the light and porous stones, and due to its porosity, it easily sticks to the wall with mortar. In addition to the wall, it is also used as a paving stone. Furthermore, travertine stone is highly resistant and it has a variety of colors.

Building facade with Granite stone

Granite stone can be considered the most suitable stone for building facade due to its resistance and strength to weather conditions. This stone is used a lot in the facade of the buildings, but due to its high weight and lack of adhesion, it is no longer recommended for facade uses.

Building facade with Marble stone

Marble is one of the well-known stones in the field of construction, which is used for interior facade, pavement, floor, and stairs due to its lack of porosity. Compared to travertine stones, it has higher density and fewer pores. In general, the use of polish marble is not standard for the façade. And, if you want to use it for the facade, you must pay attention to the types, features and finishings of this stone.

Features of façade stone

Regarding the characteristics of a suitable stone for the facade of the building, we can mention the following items:

  • The facade stone must be free of cracks.
  • It should have a suitable diameter for scooping.
  • The stone must have resistance and durability.
  • The color of the facade stone of the buildings must be suitable.
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