The Difference Between Natural and Artificial Stones

Do you Know the difference between natural stone and artificial stone?

These stones are greatly emphasized to use in internal and external decoration .And, any of them has it’s especial this article we want to talk about the difference between natural stone and artificial stone.

Since, stone is one of elements in Feng Shui, using of them are emphasized these days in building’s  exterior and interior designs. Different types of stones are used in several parts of the designing decoration. They can be used in internal and external design and also in external and internal environment of the construction. Originally stones are divided into natural and artificial groups which also there are some differences between them.

Natural and Artificial stones are so similar to each other, but in other hand they have differences that we want to mention most important ones :

General appearance

Artificial stones have different appearances from natural stones and because of the fact that they are made by humans, any patterns and colors can be used for them. But we don’t need to use these methods for natural stones because they have beautiful patterns and colors themselves. And, each one of natural stones have their unique appearance and they can’t be found anywhere else. This group of stones also have a wide range of colors and designs that can be supplied.


Durability of the stones is one of the effective elements in purchasing them. So, natural stones have higher durability and it’s better to use them for durable constructions. In this way, this will be remain for centuries.

If you want to know why the durability of natural stones is better, you will understand that natural stones have less porosity , so their durability is more. But, they have less resistance against bad atmospheric conditions. So, in cold and hot weather they may be cracked and broken faster. Despite of this problem, the durability of natural stones is even more than artificial stones , even if there are some cracks in them.


One of the other differences is that the adaptability of man made stones is more than natural stones and they can easily used in different places. Also, they can be used in the places which have different weather conditions.

Water and heat resistance

Another point that should be mentioned about this differentiation is about their resistance. Natural stones have a high heat resistance that they don’t need any foundations for their installation. But, Artificial stones have a high water resistance because of the high density they have.


the last important difference between natural and artificial stones is the price of them.

Artificial stones have suitable prices than natural stones and they can be affordable for builders. But, we should emphasize that we literally can’t compare the beauty of the natural stones with the artificial ones.

One of the other effective point in stone’s price is the way that they are installed. Because of the fact that artificial stones are 20% to 30% lighter than natural stones, their process of installation is easier and faster. So, it doesn’t take much money to install them.

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