Granite Stones

Granite stones are the best example of very hard and resistant stones, which also have high polishing ability. Granite stones are found in different colors, and this diversity has made architects and builders to use them in buildings and constructions. To buy different types of granite stones with different colors and dimensions, you can only search in RAS Stone website.

In the following article, we will also mention the advantages and disadvantages of granite stones.

What is granite stone?

This stone belongs to the category of internal igneous stones. The texture of this stone is almost dotty and it has minerals such as quartz, feldspar and mica in its structure. Granite stone is a symbol of hardness, resistance and durability. This stone can be seen in white, gray, orange, green, black, red and other colors. Granite stones are harder than limestones, but they are more uniform, don’t scratch easily, and their resistance to heat is very high. The colors of this stone depend on the dominant minerals in the structure of it. The resistance of granite stone is much higher compared to marble and travertine stones.

Application of granite stone

As mentioned, granites are more resistant than all the limestones and their strength is also very high. For this reason, they are mostly used in places with high traffic such as street pavements, office spaces, train stations and commercial buildings. Besides, you should also know that granite is one of the best types of common stones which is suitable for the interior spaces include:

  • Kitchen counters
  • Building stairs
  • Paving units
  • Interior decoration

It is so important that the stepping stones of the buildings should be resistant to the pressure because of the stairs’ heavy traffic. So, stones like granite should be used in this part, which are easy to clean and also, they have high resistance. You can also get the necessary guidance from the sales consultants of RAS Stone company for the accurate selection of building stones.

Advantages and disadvantages of granite stone

Granite stone is a type of building stone that has many characteristics and advantages due to its texture and structure, which has made it a widely used construction stone. Therefore, in the following, we will mention several advantages and disadvantages of this stone.


  • Variety of designs and colors:Granite stone has a high variety of design, color and texture. And, this has made them to be used also as the beautification material for the buildings. Granite has a unique beauty and colors which is used by many builders. By using this building stone, you can easily achieve a harmony with other materials.
  • Price of granite is very reasonable: Along with its many characteristics and advantages, granite has a much more reasonable price than other examples of building stones. The reason is that the sources and mines of this stone are lot around the world. Also, the maintenance costs of granite are lower than other stones. So, if you are looking to buy a cheap stone, granite is the best choice.
  • High durability: Granite is an example of a durable building stone that can last for a long time without changing its structure and color. Besides, this stone is flexible and it won’t receive any damage under the pressure.
  • Heat resistance: The strength of this stone against heat is extraordinary, so you can use this stone for the kitchen counter and put hot dishes on it without any worry.
  • Resistance to water absorption: As you know, granite is a dense stone and it has a very high resistance to water penetration. For this reason, you can use this stone for sinks, countertops, and flooring. So, water and moisture can’t penetrate into the stone and destroy it.
  • Resistance to scratches and acids: granite is very resistant to acid chemicals and detergents and it will not be damaged by them. Also, this stone is very resistant to scratches. This advantage has made granite the most suitable choice for stairs and other high traffic places.
  • Compatibility with other building materials: One of the most obvious advantages of granite stone is its Compatibility with other materials such as steel, wood and glass. Due to this advantage, it can maintain its beauty and structure well while being compatible with other materials.
  • Nature lover: Granite is a material that is extracted from the nature. Therefore, unlike other construction materials, there is no need to spend a lot of time and money to produce it. This stone is a durable material and can be recycled even after years of use. This feature has made granite to be given the title of environment lover.


The disadvantages of granite are much less than its advantages. One of the disadvantages is its high weight which increases the overall weight of the building. This stone is not heat and sound insulation and this issue can lead to wastage of energy in the buildings. Also, due to its high density, granite doesn’t adhere well with mortar and it is not recommended to be used for the façade the buildings, because in this case, there is a possibility of stone falling from them.

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